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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

1. If you have booked and your address does not fall into the allocated areas your booking will be cancelled and you will receive a refund.

2. Once your booking has been confirmed and you have received your 4-hour timeslot this cannot be changed. If we attend and there is no response from the address we will leave after 10 mins and no refund or reallocation will be issued.

3. If there are more than the assigned number of people at the address payment will need to be made. £50 per additional child not on the original booking. If additional children need to be added to a booking, please get in contact 72 hour prior to your session. 

Please read before you book.

  1. please note time slots are not given until nearer the time.

  2. we do not accept requests for time slots. You book a day not a time.

  3. strictly no refunds

  4. you must book the amount of children attending the show, if we deem you have been naughty elves and tried to book us and invite more children that you have paid for we will automactically cancel the show on arrival.

  5. if you are not ready for the show when it arrives you will unfortunately miss you show with no refund.

  6. the show is around 15min - 20 mins long with an opportunity for a photo at the end. every child will be given a scroll from santa, a small gift and a drink during the show.


Important Information:

When making a booking you will be given a 4-hour timeslot however, an individual time will not be given. We are unable to take time requests due to the number of bookings. If you are not home when we attend we are unable to offer a refund or rearrange. We have a no refund policy after booking is confirmed. Any additional children present will be charged at £50 per child or show will be unable to go ahead, unless notified prior.


Additional Information:

Please check carefully to ensure your area is listed. Any bookings made and the area is not listed in your address, your booking will automatically be cancelled. 

If your area is not listed, please send us a message making a prior request, however it is not guaranteed we will be able to accommodate.

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